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Handzel Golf Open 
June 2nd, 2017

$7,000.00 Was Donated to Amber Coalition


On behalf of Polish American women, on behalf of all of our community I have the  pleasure to express gratitude to players and sponsors of the entire tennis family of 2006 Handzel Open for their contribution to the Polish American Breast Cancer Program in Chicago.  Your generous $7,000 donation was very appreciated and well spent to support the Program.

How your donation helped the Program?  Your money paid for almost 100 mammographies for women with no insurance, no coverage, who otherwise would not have this important test done.  We made additional requirements – only women who attended the Educational Conference, Breast Forum, were eligible for the sponsored mammography.

Our Physicians provided clinical exams free of charge – but your mammograms helped to identify twenty women who had suspicious lesions in their breasts.  Fortunately, after additional testing, only six required surgery for early stage of cancer.   Early diagnosis is our goal and - I believe – yours as well.  If there is a cancer – it should be discovered as early as possible.  Early diagnosis makes surgery less invasive, makes recovery much shorter, makes life longer and very often, without fear of death.  You helped these women.  By giving your donation – you helped their families as well.  We happily announced that many mammographies were sponsored by the 2006 Handzel Open Tennis Tournament Participants and Sponsors. 


A smaller portion of your donation was used to cover administrative expenses of the 2006 Program (i.e. printing information materials, mailing letters) as well as covering some expenses related to the educational conferences.  The Breast Forum was attended by hundreds of members of the Polish American Community here in Chicago.  The participants learned about the need of exams, mammographies, opportunities for less expensive access to medical care, new treatments, and finally, our Program.   The Polish Breast American Breast Cancer Program is very unique and is gaining recognition.  In all of our media appearances, infomercials, informational brochures, we emphasized your contributions

Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Grzegorz Handzel, Founder and President of Handzel Open.  He voluntarily offered his support, he promoted the Polish American Breast Cancer program among Tennis Tournament participants.  And he provided a generous donation to support the Program.

If we have more business leaders like him, many issues and problems in our community will be addressed earlier.  Our Program will continue, and with the help of people with better understanding of our problems – we will grow and save more lives.  Details on how to donate are listed below.


Dziekuje, Grzegorz.  Dziekuje Wszystkim Uczestnikom 2006 Handzel Open 7.  Dziekuje Wam w imieniu tych wdziecznych kobiet, ktorym przyniesliscie ulge w ich obawach, a rowniez w imieniu tych, ktore zostaly efektywnie wyleczone dzieki waszej donacji.

Zycze Wszystkim znakomitow servisow, smeczow i wygranych podczas 2007 Handzel Open 8.

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