• Old Oak Country Club
  • 14200 Parker Rd, Homer Glen, IL

Handzel Golf Open 
June 2nd, 2017

Handzel Open 10 - $8,000 Was Donated to the Gift from The Heart Foundation

How should our children thank you for your good hearts? How should the Foundation do it? I think our children's "thank you", their smiles, and joy will be the best solution.

 We want you to know that choosing us as a beneficiary one more time, has not only financial meaning. Equally important is that you discern the Foundation's needs and make our children not feel alone.

 You've mentioned about the tough economic situation that touches everyone. All the more, we respect you for your help and solidarity that we strongly need.

 Today, our manifesto song "Podajcie sobie pomocne dlonie" - "Let's give us our helping hands"'  becomes more and more topical; not - for - profit organizations will not survive without those  hands; disabled and seriously children will not survive without them all the more.  

 We wish the best to everyone who has made Handzel Open happen. Greg and Marzena, we are especially grateful to you for your love to our children and for building up their hope for the better future. As you know without that kind of hope nobody can live. We deeply believe your kindness will always get back at you.

On behalf of the Gift from the Heart Foundation

Krystyna B. Pasek


The Gift from the Heart Foundation is a not – for – profit (501 (c) (3), EIN: 36-3622298) organization. It was established in 1988. It enables the medical treatment of seriously ill and disabled children from poor European countries. Since its inception the Foundation has helped several hundred of children. Their health has gotten significantly improved and lives of many of them have been saved. For more information, please see our web site: www.darserca.org