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Handzel Golf Open 
June 2nd, 2017

Handzel Open 11 - $8,000 Was Donated to Amber Coalition

Polish-American Breast Cancer Awareness Program

Dear Friends of Amber Coalition from Handzel Open,

It is not easy to find appropriate words to express gratitude to organizers, players, referees, and tennis fans of the 2010 Handzel Open for a second generous donation to support the Amber Coalition Better Health Foundation. 


When our volunteers, members of the Amber Coalition, had accepted your kind donation during a rainy award ceremony at the Five Seasons Country Club, I saw tears in their eyes.  They signified emotion and hope that breast cancer will be successfully snuffed out, or at least, its victims can completely recover and lead happy lives for many, many years.  But – what was even more important – I also noticed sparks of joy in eyes of many donors, Handzel Open players, fans and organizers who continued again this year to do something important, satisfied that their money would not go unnoticed.  Let me quote, what the one breast cancer survivor said who along with me accepted your generous donation: “it is wonderful that we, as a coalition fighting breast cancer, were able to incite the hearts of young people who play tennis.  If we have more supporters like them, we will have more survivors like me.” 

How are we going to use your donation?

The majority of your kind donation will be used to sponsor mammographies for women in need.  We will give the patients certificates, which will have the line: “Your mammography has been sponsored by the Handzel Open Tennis Tournament”.  As resources become available, we will try to cover some diagnostic workups for patients with suspicious lesions often characteristic of breast cancer.

Another part of your donation will go into promotional programs (Radio, TV, Magazine, and Newspapers) to increase breast cancer awareness.  We will also support Educational Conferences, the Breast Forum, lectures and presentations.

The smallest portion of your donation will be used to cover administrative expenses of the 2010 Polish American Breast Cancer Awareness Program (i.e. printing information materials, mailing letters, etc.).

In all our media materials, we will include Handzel Open as one of our major sponsors. 

Special thanks should go to Grzegorz and Marzena Handzel.  Not only has Grzegorz been organizing one of the finest tennis tournaments in Chicago and the Midwest, he has also found a way to help others by his efforts.

"Grzegorz i Marzena, dziękuję Wam bardzo w imieniu całej  Bursztynowej Koalicji.  

Życzę Wszystkim znakomitych servisów, smeczów i wygranych, podczas 2011 Handzel Open. "

 If you need further information, please contact:

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Email: rudnicki@ambercoalition.org



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