• Old Oak Country Club
  • 14200 Parker Rd, Homer Glen, IL

Handzel Golf Open 
June 2nd, 2017

Handzel Open 8 for Benefit of Gift from The Hearth Foundation

The Gift From the Heart Foundation is a charitable organization established in 1988. It facilitates the medical treatment of seriously ill and disabled children from Poland and Eastern Europe, who do not have any chance for such treatment in their own countries.


The Gift From the Heart Foundation

-brings the children to the United States;  

-assists with consultations in extremely complicated cases that cannot be treated in their homeland;  

-provides the children who are undergoing treatment with housing, living expenses, transportation and translation services;  

-supplies medications, rehabilitation and orthopedic devices.

Understanding the psychological needs of the seriously ill and disabled children, The Gift From the Heart Foundation organizes trips, entertainment, and meetings with other children. A child who has undergone successful treatment is the greatest achievement for the Gift From the Heart Foundation. There are dozens of such children each year. Since its inception the Foundation has helped several hundred children. Their health has improved dramatically, and the lives of many children have been saved.

Balls, picnics, concerts, lotteries, and radio-thons are the main sources of the Foundation’s income. Monthly donors play an important role as well. The number of children that come to the USA for medical treatment depends on the generosity of the monthly donors.

The Foundation’s dream and ultimate goal is to help all children regardless of their particular affliction. So far, due to the shortage of funds, it assists primarily disabled children.

Since January 2007 the Foundation is in the process of remodeling a property it has bought for the children. As soon as the remodeling is completed they will live in a home fully adapted to their special needs. In this home the Foundation will also run leisure time activities for its children as well as for disabled and healthy children from the neighborhood.


Before Surgery

After Surgery



Before Surgery

After Surgery



Before Surgery

After Surgery