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Handzel Golf Open 
June 2nd, 2017

Handzel Open 7 Towards Amber Coalition


In the U.S. today, there are many racial and ethnic minorities who remain underserved, both medically and socially.  One of the largest groups is the Polish American community of 9 million people, with the largest populations living in metropolitan New York and Chicago areas.  In Poland, breast cancer occurs three times less frequently than in the U.S. but still remains the most common malignancy among women.  Like other immigrants, Polish women acquire a high risk of breast cancer characteristics when they move to the U.S. and more develop breast cancer.  Rate of annual exams as well as utilization of mammography is significantly lower in Polish immigrants when compared to American counterparts. 



AMBER COALITION has been established with multiple goals:

§         Promote health education within the Polish Community

§         Increase awareness about breast cancer issues

§         Improve access to modern health care for uninsured and people in need

§         Organize educational conferences for entire community

§         Involve mass media in the annual promotional program educating entire community about needs for personal; health care

§         Provide and spread professional and up-dated information about breast cancer

§         Provide a free breast exam for most the people with the most need, and by doing this encourage other women to seek a professional consult regarding their breast problems

§         Provide free or discounted mammograms for uninsured low income people who can not afford to pay for their tests

§         Provide an opportunity for young Polish-American students to work for the Community, to develop interest in the medical field

§         Provide opportunity to young physicians to be involved in Community Programs and to get acquainted with community problems. 

What we have done over the last four years:

 For Polish Community:

§         Four years of aggressive promotion

§         Tons of radio talks, TV talk shows, multiple newspapers and magazines articles about breast cancer issues

§         Educational programs in Polvision

§         Annual Education Conferences (BREAST FORUM) – over 1000 participants in Conferences at Illinois Masonic Medical Center and in Dom Podhalan (Polish Highlanders Cultural Center)

§         Having a group of most recognized physicians in the Polish Community discuss issues relevant to breast cancers

 For individual patients:

§         Several hundreds patients were examined by participating physicians free of charge

§         Free of charge mammographies were offered to over 300 low income, uninsured women from Polish community

§         Diagnosis and initial treatment of over twenty 20 patients with breast cancers.

 For improvement of our knowledge and identification of financial resources:

§         Research: identification of cultural and socio-economic factors influencing decisions about mammographies in polish Community

§         Development of background scientific date to apply for additional external funding by State/Federal organizations to support the goals of AMBER COALITION


The intention of this program is to:

Ø      reach those who do not know or want to learn more,

Ø      who can not afford breast screenings or

Ø      who have misperceptions about breast cancer. 

 The project includes training opportunities for students and medical residents in techniques of breast examination.  This project holds the promise of decreasing disparities in breast screening for this underserved community of Chicago residents.

 We have been very successful until now, however we need your help in further and future development of the program.  You can become member of large coalition of people feels that health of our Mothers and Wives, Sisters and Daughters, is not only major undertaking but also our obligation.


Your support will be appreciated by thousands people needs your help.

Bank Account:

Amber Coalition

LaSalle Bank

3051 N. Clark Street

Chicago, IL 60657

Account # 5201422358


If you need further information, please contact:



Marek Rudnicki, MD, PhD, FACS

3000 N. Halsted, Suite 500

Chicago, IL 60657

Tel. 773-296-3838

Fax: 773-296-3833

Email: drmarekr@aol.com